We believe that long-term partnerships lead to better results than the quick search for the best bargain. Our approach to meeting the steadily growing needs of our customers is built on financially solid suppliers who stand with us to address their challenges.

With our strong ties to suppliers and the large volumes that we can pool for a product group, you can rest assured that you will receive the arranged design in excellent quality and within the agreed delivery deadline. Our long-standing production partners work at the most exacting operational standards and are certified in accordance with all corporate governance standards applicable to their industries and countries.

Design – Designing a product is designing a relationship.

We place your brand on lifestyle products. In close consultation with your design and marketing teams, we create contemporary products that fit the lifestyles of your customers.

Development – Those who keep doing what they can already do will always remain what they already are.

We’ll work with you to define all steps of the product development phase through to order processing and rollout. This applies to the quality, look and feel of the materials, the structure and features of your product, and the unifying theme of your collection.

Production – With Partners for Partners.

We commission the manufacturing of all products with certified partner companies. These long-standing relationships ensure consistently high quality at competitive prices. Quality, dependable scheduling and verifiable sustainability are our top priorities. Our low complaint quota of less than 0.3 percent is indicative of the outstanding quality of our designs and production.

Quality management and certification